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Bedrock Leadership 301

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.– Marshall Goldsmith

While Bedrock Leadership 301 builds on the understanding you have mastered in Bedrock Leadership 101 and 201 it takes your game to the whole new level required to be a leader of leaders.

You will Learn

  • How to foster growth in the leadership abilities of your leaders
  • Macro versus micro managing appropriately
  • How to hone the leadership proficiency of your subordinates in alignment with their innate styles
  • How to accelerate cooperation and completion within your team

Benefits to you and Your Team

  • You and your team spending more time in your high performance sweet spot
  • Greater stability and endurance within the team
  • Accelerated achievement of organizational goals
  • Increased personal fulfillment from your work


Ongoing individual and/or team coaching in the following areas.

  • Effective colleague communications
  • Setting and keeping priorities
  • Creating the space for leaders to lead
  • Growing your organization in the face of uncertainty
  • Succession planning


Our programs lay the foundation for a culture of learning and personal development. We combine theory and practice in every meeting. Participants come away from every session with a clear understanding of why and how to lead. We will work together to formulate the optimal delivery of the Bedrock Leadership Way.