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Bedrock Leadership 101

Keep this in mind: The first subordinate whom you must learn to discipline is the most unruly one you will ever encounter, and that is yourself.– Major General Joseph P. Franklin, U.S. Army (Retired)

Bedrock Leadership 101 is a course that can be delivered in a variety of methods based on your circumstances. It can be delivered one-on-one or with groups of up to 12 people.  It focuses on building self-awareness of your innate leadership style. Your innate style has always been with you.  We help you name it and own it.  This course uses proven tools for assessing your temperament, aptitudes, values, and interests that drive your leadership style. You are expected to commit to the discipline of finding your innate leadership style and we promise to show you the way.

You will Learn

  • Your innate leadership style
  • Why your style works better with some people and not others
  • Profiles of teammates and subordinates with whom you are most likely to succeed
  • The optimal areas within an organization to contribute your leadership abilities

Benefits of Mastering Self-Leadership

  • You will grow your ability to act consciously instead of reacting habitually
  • You will develop new levels of gratification in your work
  • You will refrain from creating self-imposed obstacles
  • You will know your triggers so you can set them aside and lead yourself effectively


Once the foundation has been laid by completing Bedrock Leadership 101 many leaders seek ongoing coaching in areas such as:

  • On-going leadership mentoring
  • Career Direction
  • Challenging Interpersonal Situations
  • Sales Effectiveness
  • Personal Advice and Counsel

Bob has a special gift for understanding how to help you become more effective with others and more confident in doing so. He shows you how to get results while feeling grounded and at ease. Many people credit Bob’s inspiration for significant breakthroughs in their own careers and lives.  The purpose of coaching from Bob is for you to cultivate your self-leadership skills through the ongoing cycle of real-life experience and coaching sessions so you are able to achieve more in all avenues of your life. It is to give you strategic advice, tactics for execution, and the reinforcement to proceed as you choose.

While in-person sessions are always an option, most clients find the ideal approach is a weekly telephone conference with email and text contact as needed.


We provide training in a variety of self-leadership areas and post them as scheduled.  These include such topics as

  • Leading Your Self to Higher Sales
  • Leading Your Self with Effective Clock Management
  • Leading Your Self to Greater Ease
  • Leading Your Self to Your Next Promotion

Make sure to submit your contact information below to ensure information on upcoming events.