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Bedrock Leadership 201

The best teamwork comes from men who are working independently toward one goal in unison. – JC Penney

Bedrock Leadership 201 focuses on effective leadership of your team. Like 101 we work with you to deliver the 12 hours of instruction in the manner that best suits you and your organization. It can be delivered one-on-one or with groups of up to 6 people. It builds on the self-awareness and specialized vocabulary that you mastered in 101.  While the focus was previously on recognizing the many facets of your style, in 201 you will develop your understanding of the innate styles of others and how to successfully communicate with everyone with whom you are leading.

You will learn

  • Critical elements of the innate styles of others and how to lead them accordingly
  • How to foster personal growth of team members
  • How to accelerate cooperation within your team
  • How to craft goals that motivate each team member based on their innate style

Benefits to You and Your Team

  • You will grow your ability to lead through times of change
  • You will lead your team to greater levels of innovation and creativity
  • You will lead with composure previously unknown.
  • You will experience greater ease in communication within the team
  • You will enhance your ability to keep different personality types focused on achieving the goals of the organization
  • Your will experience elevated team morale from your validation of their innate style


After completing 201 many clients seek ongoing individual and/or team coaching in the following areas.

  • Coaching on real-time issues
  • Building a sustainable leadership culture
  • Discerning the critical factors impeding performance
  • Leadership strategies
  • Accountability
  • Conflict resolution


Our training lays the foundation for a culture of learning and personal development.  We combine theory and practical applications in every session.  Participants come away from every session with a clear understanding of why and how to lead.  We will work together to customize the content and delivery of Bedrock Leadership training to meet your criteria. Make sure to submit your contact information below to ensure information on upcoming seminars.