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Every Leader Needs a Coach

In leadership, your ability to make impactful decisions sets you apart. You’re not just navigating challenges. You’re charting the course for success. Highly effective leaders understand themselves inside out, leveraging their strengths and addressing blind spots directly. Bedrock Leadership empowers you to excel by ensuring you stand on a firm foundation.

Bedrock Leadership equips you with tools to articulate problems clearly and rally the right team members to your cause. You will gain new insight into each team member’s strengths and weaknesses, maximizing productivity and achieving unparalleled results. Take the leadership reins with confidence and clarity. Unleash your full potential today.

Bedrock Leadership Provides:

  • Accurate assessments of your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Actionable advice to leverage your strengths.
  • Guidance in developing winning strategies.
  • Tools and methods to scout and coach team members.
  • Advice in designing and implementing processes that boost productivity.
  • Availability for ongoing coaching and mentoring.

Bob Conley

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.

Warren Bennis

Benefits of Bedrock Leadership

Accelerate Achievement

Coaching keeps you focused on your most effective actions and away from immaterial urgencies that can impede achievement of your goals.

Fortify Decision Making

Leaders cannot afford to place decisions on autopilot since every situation is unique. Coaching fosters critical thinking and new perspectives that allow for more effective decision making.

Heighten Work-Life Balance

Leadership coaching permeates all aspects of life, guiding leaders and executives toward greater balance and effectiveness in career, teams, and life.

Expand Opportunity

Boost your capacity to visualize and act on more significant opportunities by identifying your innate abilities; and understanding and conquering limiting beliefs.

Productive Relationships

Enhance your ability to inspire, influence, and engage others through expanding your knowledge of motivators within yourself and others.

The Life You Envision

The life you envision will become reality when you decide to be its leader. Bedrock Leadership will equip you to be that leader.

What Clients Say

Bob’s coaching proved indispensable in ensuring the timely launch of our app. He guided our founding team adeptly, emphasizing the importance of staying focused on our respective roles and skill sets. His keen insight consistently prompted us to confront and overcome our weaknesses, ultimately contributing to our success.

Daniel M.

Product Owner

After 15 years in software development, I felt stagnant in my career. The Bedrock Lead Yourself program opened my eyes to the untapped potential within my strengths and empowered me to take control of my desired career change.

Margaret G.

Former Software Engineer / Artist

Bedrock Leadership revealed my inherent leadership style and equipped me to apply it while still in a staff position. This preparation proved invaluable as it facilitated my promotion into leadership. Bob’s ongoing coaching is a cornerstone in my new position, offering guidance and support as I navigate leadership challenges.

Kevin R.

Project Manager

In my technical domain, leadership skills are often belittled as ‘soft skills.’ However, my perspective shifted dramatically after completing the Bedrock Lead Your Team program. I realized that leadership skills are anything but soft; they are vital to enhancing organizational performance. This program enlightened me on the individual motivations of each team member. It taught me the importance of showing respect and appreciation, ultimately transforming how I lead my team.

Geoff S.

IT Director

Under Bob’s guidance, I’ve learned to translate my strategic thinking into tangible results through decisive action. Shifting my focus from merely busy to truly impactful, I now take pride in assisting my clients in making informed decisions. Understanding that prioritizing client needs over sales leads to tremendous success, I’ve seen a significant increase in my sales performance.

Ted B.

Commercial Real Estate Broker

My partner and I frequently clashed over incomplete tasks and differing approaches. Faced with the prospect of ending our partnership, we sought Bob’s coaching. He swiftly identified that while we possessed complementary skills, we also shared similar weaknesses, leading to a cycle of offloading responsibilities onto each other. Bob guided us in recognizing the importance of engaging individuals skilled in areas where we needed more proficiency. His ongoing coaching has been instrumental in nurturing the growth of our business.

Bill L.

General Contractor


Lead Yourself

Before leading others, master the art of leading yourself. Delve deep into your strengths, the cornerstone of your success. This program focuses on four pivotal elements crucial for a rich and purposeful life: your innate abilities, temperament, interests, and values. Through assessments and personalized coaching, unlock profound insights into how aligning these elements enriches not only your life but also the lives of those around you. By the program’s conclusion, you’ll confidently articulate your strengths, ready to excel in any sphere.

Lead Teams

Unlock your team’s full potential by growing your leadership abilities. You’ll refine your innate leadership style to match your circumstances and apply the insights gained in ‘Lead Yourself’ to optimize your team’s performance. Effective leadership extends beyond personal capabilities; it’s about intentional talent scouting and optimal assignment. Discover how to transcend conventional hiring practices, identify hidden talents within your team, and empower them to execute exceptionally.

Lead Leaders

You’ve empowered your team to excel by matching the right individuals with the right tasks and responsibilities.  Now, take your leadership skills to new heights. This advanced course hones your facility for spotting leadership potential and deploying emerging leaders where their talents have the most impact. The growth and prosperity of your organization hinge on your capacity to attract and retain top-tier leadership talent. You will have the tools to cultivate a dynamic team of leaders poised to drive growth and profitability.

Are You Ready for Coaching?

  • You have decided to make a difference before knowing how.
  • You’re eager to take the reins of your career.
  • You seek solutions that align with your natural style.
  • You’re prepared to harness and amplify your strengths.
  • You’ve moved past the notion of fixing your weaknesses.
  • You’re motivated to work both smarter and harder.
  • You aspire to sustainable personal and professional growth.
  • You’re determined to progress despite facing challenges.
  • You’re prepared to embrace your ambition and shed your anxiety.
  • You desire to experience more achievement and joy in your life.